Hey there! My name is Meredith Mistrot, and I’m a college student trying to make a difference in the world. For many years, I felt a little “different” – no, not like the special, genius type of different. Just different in the sense of not having my life completely figured out and not being perfect in every way like the other girls I saw flooding my social media feeds and showing up with picture-perfect smiles everywhere they go. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that maybe I’m not that different than everyone else – that all the perfection I see around me isn’t actually real, and most of the people who appear to have their lives figured out are just using pretty pictures to cover up the reality: they don’t. None of us do! 

This might sound obvious, yet it’s so easy to continue feeling alone and different when you don’t see other people who have bad hair days, who aren’t always on a juice cleanse, who make silly mistakes, and who don’t have everything figured out.  I, for one, have let these feelings control my life way too much in the past, and I still suffer from them at times. But I am ready to stop feeling the need for perfection, and what better way to do that than by helping others do the same?

Everything I’m saying leads me to why you’re here today. I created my brand, Genuine Girl, to shed light on what life as a teen or twenty-something is REALLY like. I share my genuine stories, experiences, and thoughts as I grow up in hopes of helping you feel less alone in those normal, though imperfect, life experiences that we all go through. Additionally, you are invited to join me as I try to get my life together in various areas – from school to health to relationships and everything in between. I’m here both as a friend to support you and as an accountability partner to help you change your life just as I’m trying to change mine!

To learn more about me, my background, what I’m up to, and how I’m trying to figure out my life, follow my Instagram @missgenuinegirl. For more help on your journey, check out my podcast or pick up my book!