Tired of trying to live an Instagram-worthy life?

College student Meredith Mistrot understands. Growing up in a world dominated by social media’s fake reality made her strive for the “perfect” life instead of living genuinely in her imperfections. She took drastic measures to change her appearance, friendships, and lifestyle to fit in, even when it went against who she was. And the worst part? No matter how much she changed herself, in her eyes, she was never truly “perfect.” Over the years, Meredith has realized that there’s more to the world than posed pictures and validating comments, and that living a genuine life is far more worthwhile than living a fake one. By finding and being herself, she has increased her self-confidence, surrounds herself with the right people, and pursues her passions without fear of judgment. In Practice Makes Imperfect, Meredith shares defining experiences in her journey toward finding and being herself as a young girl, teenager, and twenty-something, while providing tangible tips to help you do the same. If you’re tired of conforming to expectations, join the Genuine Girl movement!