Do you feel like the world is keeping secrets from you?

It might seem like everyone around you is working a job they love, making great grades in school, in a thriving relationship, living a healthy lifestyle, picking up fun hobbies, looking perfect in those Instagram photos… And you’re, well, not. How is it possible that everyone else has their life figured out, and you don’t?

As a twenty-something college student, Meredith Mistrot knows the pressure of having your life figured out far too well. She frequently feels the urge to “figure out her life real quick” – to use a random number generator to decide her future career, to eat a salad and go on a run in hopes of suddenly transforming her appearance, to settle for the first guy she matches with on a dating app so she can stop worrying about relationships. None of these ideas have actually transpired; Meredith has realized that it is quite difficult to figure out her life at all, much less real quick. Regardless, she still tries to figure out her life, and now she’s doing it for the world to see – maybe she does it so you can join her, or maybe she does it so you don’t have to… It’s up to you to decide!

Tune in to your favorite podcast app or YouTube to listen or watch as Meredith tries to get her life together every week. Each episode will be part of a larger series so that you can join Meredith over multiple weeks in the attempt to figure out her life in a certain area – from work and school to health and relationships. You never know what you’re getting into, but you might as well come along for the ride, right? After all, your life is waiting to be figured out… This podcast might be the answer.